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Dr. Stand







Now, You See the Real Bookstand

Dr. Stand

A4 Standard Size

13mm Slim Thickness

500g Light Weight

6steps Angle Adjustment

Sturdy 스프링 Bookholder

Silicon Anti-slip Pad

Notebook, Tablet Multi-stand

This is Dr. Stand

Portable, Functional, High Quality

Dr. Stand


The Most Standard Size

A4 size

A4 paper with a size of 279mm x 210mm is not only the standard for public documents in Korea, but is also widely used around the world. The reason the Doctor Stand was designed based on this size is not only to be the best size to put in a bag, but also to prevent deformation of documents. It’s also the right size to most faithfully capture its original function.

13mm Slim Thickness

First of all, it is thin. There is no knob to adjust the angle of the stand. This is because it is spring-folded on the back. The book holder and base are also not exposed. It can be put in a bag in the form of a single book that is thinner than a book that does not protrude. When not in use, store it with the book on the bookshelf.

500g Weight Stand

Only 500g, it is light to carry.

Do you still carry a heavy MDF or wooden reading stand to hold books, laptops or tablets? Be Smart and Lighter. The Doctor Stand is made of ABS plastic, which is lightweight and durable. A stand that is easy to put in your bag. The time has come to lay the burden on your shoulders.

6steps of Angle Adjustment

The angle can be adjusted in 6 steps from 60°-22°. Since it is a locking method rather than an angle of a lever tightening method, you can easily adjust the angle with one touch, and there is no folding or falling during use.

Breathable construction

The Doctor Stand is prepared for holding a laptop or tablet. In consideration of heat generation, it is designed with a logo on the top plate by adopting a breathable structure to facilitate air circulation and prevent radiant heat.



Since the launch of the product, it has been consistently loved by customers.


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