New Walk

The better your life

Newwalk opens up a new market for bookstand.

New Walk,which means ‘step towards a new world’, started with the motto of pioneering the existing market. We will do our best to fill the empty space in your daily life and increase the value of your life.

Our Story

Since I was in college, I went to the library carrying a lot of major books and writing notes in my backpack. Every day, I asked the question, ‘Book is so heavy and why the book stand even so heavy? Can’t the bookstand be a little lighter?’ At that time, I wish there was a more practical and light bookstand.
In 2018, I started to develop a product after recognizing this problem and the inconvenience of the existing book stands.
So, after standing in the user’s position and repeating a lot of trouble, we have finally launched the ‘Doctor Stand’ on the market, which has all of portability, functionality, and detail.

We call this product Dr. Stand as we hope it will be of great help to our customers’ good posture and health.